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Heating Oil

Heating oil is among the cleanest heating fuels available. Oil heat is more efficient per BTU than natural gas, it is dependable, and by far the safest way to heat your home!

We deliver the highest quality heating oil available.

Automatic delivery means “No Worry” service.

Automatic delivery of your heating fuel lets you focus on more important things in life. See why thousands of Sound Oil heating oil customers rely on Automatic Delivery!

It’s quite simple. Just one call to us and you’re set year-round. No more checking the fuel levels. No more remembering to call for delivery before you go on vacation. We take care of it for you.

Count on us to automatically deliver your fuel. We set up a schedule based on your tank size, past consumption, and weather analysis.

No more worries about when to order heating fuel.

Sound Oil Company delivers fuel to homes and businesses throughout the Seattle area. Most of our customers are on an automatic delivery service so they never have to think about when their tank needs refilling.

Sign up for automatic delivery now and begin relaxing.

Getting started is easy! Call 206.725.6300.

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